News / Events

Saturday, August 25th:
– Back-to-School Worship & Dinner, 4:00pm at Good Shepherd Church
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Tuesday, August 28th:
– Parent Orientation/Curriculum Evening (PARENTS ONLY!), 6:30pm


Tuesday, September 4th:
– Open House: Tuesday/Thursday classes (Blue, Pink, and Purple classes)

Wednesday, September 5th:
– Open House: 3’s classes (Orange and Yellow classes)
– Open House: 4’s classes (Gold, Green, and Red classes)

Thursday, September 6th:
– Parent Meet ‘n’ Greet Tea for Tuesday/Thursday classes (Blue, Pink, and Purple classes)
– 4’s 4-days-a-week classes BEGIN

Friday, September 7th:
– 4’s 3-days-a-week classes BEGIN
– 3’s Gradual Entrance Day
– Parent Meet ‘n’ Greet Tea

Monday, September 10th:
– 3’s ORANGE class BEGINS
– Extended Day Programming BEGINS

Tuesday, September 11th:
– Young 3’s BLUE and PURPLE classes BEGINS
– 3’s PINK class BEGINS

Monday, September 13th:
– 3’s YELLOW class BEGINS



If you have any questions, please email the preschool office at or call us at 630.961.9055.