Parent Testimonials

Picking the perfect preschool was not something my husband and I took lightly, especially coming from the early childhood field myself. After touring Good Shepherd we knew immediately that it was the place we wanted our son, and eventually, our daughter, to grow and learn. They are always going above and beyond our expectations and we are constantly impressed with the family engagement events offered throughout the year. Not only is our son flourishing in his classroom but we have found a community that has welcomed us with open arms. –Jess C.
Good Shepherd has been a blessing in our lives. The loving care provided by teachers and staff is obvious in all their interactions. The atmosphere is friendly, warm, and inviting. I cannot thank you enough for loving and nurturing my child at the start of her school career. – Preschool Parent
Good Shepherd has been an absolutely amazing experience for my extremely shy daughter. She has come out of her shell and learned so much. Not to mention the staff is absolutely amazing and even remembers her little sisters and makes them feel special at drop off and pick up. Couldn’t have chosen a better preschool for my littles. –Savonnah L.
Good Shepherd Preschool has been a wonderful place for my sons [and is] filled with amazing teachers. My son’s Kindergarten teacher, in District 203, told me he was more than prepared for Kindergarten and I credit that to the wonderful experience he had at Good Shepherd. –Jodi Van Wetering, Math Teacher, District 99
As I’ve said, this was not only my child’s first school experience but mine/ours as parents. We were blown away by truly every aspect of the school. THANK YOU for all the time, love, and care you all pour into the kids and us. I love how much my child was exposed to and learned. When I share the curriculum, crafts, and extras like Spanish and Musikgarten with friends and family, they can’t believe how much is done in 2.5 hours, 3x’s a week, especially for the price. We can’t wait for next year! –Preschool Parent